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Let me show you how much I want you."“Marshal,” the man at the doorway greeted with a timid croak when Girard answered the door.Susan cut me off, "Hell, if that's all he wants, we can do that."Shaking my head I had to admit we had been at it this long; although to both of us this was nothing but a drop in the bucket of time.The next few pages were filled with the way she had fantasized about getting fucked by me. There was a “To-Do” List that detailed specific situations, moments and places Aunt Sheen wanted to get fucked."Do you know you can get half of the purchase cost back from the insurance company?" the girl asks.The cushions had been taken from the couch and used to add extra space for our legs.I was blown away.I turn around and catch them heading where the one in black turns down at the other end of the alley and we’re playing the game of chase the crazies when we finally catch them heading into abandoned garage.Some days I could have sworn her tight shorts were damp

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