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He grinned and let go with his tongue, “how dripping are you?She replied “about the kids, I came here of my own freewill knowing full well that sacrifice, and as far as here, we gotta leave here Wednesday or pay another week”.Say even one word and you will stay out here tonight too.And my sister would kill me.Of course, her kinks can get out of hand at times, but she’s been nothing but kind to me and the rest of her loyal servants.”“Are you a Coalition officer?” a human asked.Things like, Neva and Janis and how they were now a very loving couple and were open in public toward each other, and how she was happy for them.Jon said ‘Come on, get dressed and meet me at the entrance.”A professor stepped out of a classroom.No one was here.I felt the buzzing of the alarm hit my ears, so I punched it as rough as it woke me. I reached around, hands grasping around in the passing darkness; my hands gripped a slab of plastic, my finger tapping a button and proceeding to blind me.

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“Till whatever your captor decides to make a move.”I excuse myself and thank him.She squeezes it and slowly strokes it as she casually sips her drink.“Of course, that’s what makes it fun.” He laughed.Without opening her eyes, she came to the conclusion that the android must be holding her.Her body needed to be filled and that need went beyond all rational reason.She was exited to begin as she was scared, and felt more alive than any other moment in her life."HOW DOES IT FEEL?I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.It sure was hot here in the great state of Texas, his armpits were drenched, and his hair glistened with oil.Fresh blood seeped from the cuts on her knees as she tried to clean up.Finally he stopped and said very slowly and clearly, “Help me. Help me. Help me.”Randomly remembering something she was told once about handshakes and how you can tell a lot about a person from their handshake, she gave his hand a firm squeeze before letting it go.There was a chanc