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"What do you need it for?" she asked.With two minutes before class was supposed to start the professor walked in and started passing out tests.“What?” I asked with a confused smile, twirling a lock of black hair with a lascivious finger.“God damn,” I thought to myself before nodding off, feeling the warmth of her bare skin against mine.Mindy completed her contracted assignment teaching the young native children.He held up a hand in protest, "I didn't say I hated it."John had left for work and I went to the supermarket to get groceries.As my legs got wide apart I looked down at my skirt and saw that I was still decent.Soon it would be his.“Every morning I’m up by 5 AM.I shuddered as my tongue slid through her pussy folds.I have thought about trying it again, but again I haven’t had the chance.“Precious, I’m NOT going to ask you to suck his cock.She gave a weak smile to Tamara and crawled over to where she lay, "I'd give you a two out of ten for that landing."My father'